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Dropbox Doubles Referral Bonus and Ceiling

Dropbox is a great, easy-to-use service for automatically synchronizing files—documents, music, photos, video, whatever!—between computers and mobile devices. As well as being available on all your devices, your files are also backed up “in the cloud” and are available securely through the Dropbox website. The standard account includes 2GB of storage and is completely free. You can install the Dropbox client on as many computers and mobile devices as you wish.

Dropbox Logo

On your computer, Dropbox acts just like a regular folder. Drag in files and they’re automatically synchronized with the cloud and your other devices. That’s it! Dropbox does all the hard work in the background, keeping your files in sync and keeping backup copies when files are changed or deleted.

Dropbox allows you to earn additional free storage through referrals. If you’re already a Dropbox user, you’ll notice they doubled the referral bonus and ceiling (including retroactively for existing referrals). That means you now get 500MB per referral for up to 32 referrals (16GB additional space).

If you don’t already have Dropbox, get it now! If you use my referral link, you’ll get an extra 500MB right off the bat (meaning you’ll start with 2.5GB instead of two). You can also earn extra space for completing a few simple steps on their web site (taking the video your, inviting at least one friend, etc.).

I’ve been using Dropbox for the last two and a half years and I’m not sure I could get by without it now. If you haven’t tried Dropbox yet, try it now!